Homewood Suites





On-Target Out-of-Stock Solution

This investment group needed to upgrade the cooktops in 131 Eatontown, NJ hotel suites. Problem was their selection of cooktop replacement was out of stock. What’s more, replacing the solid-surface countertops to enable the installation of new cooktops entailed a cost upwards of $3,000 per room. Replacing the solid-surface countertops to enable the installation of new cooktops would have entailed a cost upwards of $3,000 per room. We identified a perfect alternate solution that fit into the existing carved-out space and enabled cooktop replacements without any construction work – a savings of $340,600!


Project Cost was over $680,000



Project Cost was approx $340,000


HOMEWOOD SUITES BY HILTON A Winning Alternative for Out-of-Stock

This investment group client needed to upgrade the appliances at their hotel in Eatontown, NJ. The original cooktops replacement they had selected was out of stock. We located a perfect solution that fit into the existing carved-out space without any necessary construction work!


1.2 million Revenue/ $300k profit



2 million Revenue/ $700k profit



Naomi Fayazi

Director of Finance

A graduate of Touro College, Naomi manages all facets of our Finance department.  With her professionalism, attention to detail and excellent communication skills she ensures that our vendor and client relationships remain pleasant and uncomplicated.

Ahuva Zaks

Purchasing Coordinator

Ahuva brings her enthusiasm and attention to detail with every project she works on. She is sure to take care of any project from start to finish for each of her clients.

Ted Greenbaum


Ted has close to a decade of experience in the supply chain and construction industries. Ted’s first-hand involvement with the daily challenges of sourcing and procuring products for commercial jobs led him to create the solution. A talented communicator who leads by example, Ted is the driving force behind Mobat’s vision, growth, and operations.

Blimie Eizikovits


Blimie has been involved with the construction industry for close to a decade. Exceptionally easygoing, she is a great multitasker who works well under pressure. When our clients have tough sourcing requirements, Blimie’s industry knowledge and get-it-done attitude make things happen.

Aliza Oelbaum


As Operations Manager, Aliza ensures that Mobat’s operations are smooth and successful for both our staff and clients. Aliza is a take-charge, creative person who uses her problem-solving skills to keep our workflow running efficiently.

Cyporah Schock


Cyporah brings a magnetic personality, a can-do attitude, and youthful energy to Mobat. In her Business Development role, Cyporah keeps her finger on the needs of our current and future clients, ensures our company’s visibility at industry events, and enables Mobat’s continued growth.

Rachel Adler


With years of Purchasing under her belt, Rachel brings product knowledge in all areas to our clients. With her calm and efficient nature, she executes all her projects with a seamless experience.

Chemda Yakoby


As Accounts Payable Representative, Chemda ensures that all orders are processed smoothly. With her efficiency and precision, she maintains a steady relationship with our vendors.

Raezy Goldberg

Vendor Relations MGR

As a Vendor Relation’s Manager, Raezy is responsible for maintaining strong connections between our company and our suppliers. Her role is critical in ensuring we derive maximum value from our vendor partnerships.

Lisa Preston

Logistics Coordinator

With years of experience under her belt, Lisa provides a white glove logistics experience to all Mobat clients. From manufacturer to jobsite, Lisa ensures the process is communicated and smooth!